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Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are here to solve all your computer woes. Is your system crashing every time you turn it on? Are you getting alarming pop-up messages on your screen? Don’t worry. We can fix it. Our certified professionals have the technical expertise to get your computer up and running quickly!

Let’s get started. Bring in your computer for service today.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Is your system crashing, giving you strange messages or refusing to work properly? Our certified professional technicians are here to repair your computer problems and get your system up and running quickly.
Virus Removal

Virus Removal

We remove Viruses, Adware, Pop-ups, Spyware and other malware from your PC or Mac without losing your data or settings.
Computer Tune-Up

Computer Tune-Up

Our tune-up service checks your computer hardware and software for underlying problems, optimizes your system and gets it running smoothly again.
Component Installation

Component Installation

We can upgrade your existing system to keep it running longer or boost its speed. Talk to us about increasing your RAM, adding a new Solid State Drive or putting in a more powerful Graphics Card.
On-Site Service

On-Site Service

Our knowledgeable technicians can come right to your home or office to set up a system, troubleshoot network connections or configure printers and other peripherals.
Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

Downtown Computers can replace your cracked and broken laptop screen, repair your power post or replace your damaged keyboard with quality parts.

New Computers

We have a great selection of brand name laptops and desktop computers by Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba and HP. We also custom-build computers to your specifications. If you need a system for CAD, design or gaming, give us a call. We’ll be happy to put together a quote.


Telecommunication and Networking

Want to get your office wired for Telephone, fax or networking including PBX/VOIP and other Telecommunication and Netwoking equipments. We will be glad to assist you.

  • Install, arrange, remove and maintain various telecommunications equipments, wiring and associated hardware
  • Configure operating systems and install software for access to the Internet
  • Inspect and test operation of Telecommunications and Networking equipments



Protecting your critical IT systems

Managed Services

Cloud Backup

Fire, flood, theft – losing vital files and information can cost you time, money and even your business. Safeguard your mission-critical data and files.
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Managed Security

How safe is your vital information? DTC monitors your systems and administers 24/7 security to spot threats quickly. We keep your data and business safe.
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Remote Management

Get proactive with your IT. DTC’s Remote Management Service is an easy, cost-effective way of monitoring the vital components of your business network.
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Go green and help the environment

Looking for a durable computer at a bargain price? We have off-lease business-class laptops and desktop computers that have been refurbished to run like new at an affordable price. Even better, by buying used, you help divert e-waste from the landfill. Our stock changes frequently.

Go green and save!

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