Managed Security

Managed Security

How safe is your data?

Whether it’s by competitors, hackers, or fraudsters, data theft can have serious consequences for your business. Protect your data and your business, all for an affordable monthly fee.

How safe is your vital information? What if your data was stolen? What if confidential information was passed on to your competitors? DTC’s Managed Security helps to protect your systems and minimize data theft and safeguard your business. We monitor your systems and administer 24/7 security to spot threats – fast. We analyze risks and threats to keep your data and business safe so that you can concentrate on increasing your revenues.

Three Easy Steps to a Secure Solution



Systems Scanning

Early warning signs of threats


Email Protection

Malware Prevention

Software security updates


Support & Strategic Advice

Ongoing security improvements

Guidance and Policy

Our security monitoring takes a comprehensive look at your current systems and spots any threats – fast. Next, administration lets us manage all your security measures and keeps them up to date. For total protection, our support services work with you in partnership to maximize the ongoing protection of your data.

Set up is quick, easy and affordable. Call us at 705-326-7682 to get set up and start enjoying the benefits of Managed Security.