Remote Management

Remote Management

Get proactive with your critical IT systems

Are your systems running slowly? Do your computers frequently crash? Do you spend too much time trying to solve simple IT problems instead of concentrating on running your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we have the solution. DTC’s Remote Management Service runs a 24/7 health check on your workstations and server to identify potential issues before they develop into full blown problems that take your network down. We keep your systems running smoothly, reducing down time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Three Easy Steps to a Complete Solution


24/7 PC Health Check

Identifies potential issues

Keeps your business running


Automatic patches and updates

Improves PC performance

Helps you work smarter


Overcomes lack of in-house IT resources

Reduces down time

We monitor your computers around the clock, checking their status and identifying issues early on before your system goes down. We automatically download and install patches and ensure that your software is kept updated and secure. Finally, we provide support and on-site service so that your IT issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Set up is quick, easy and affordable. Call us at 705-326-7682 to get set up and start enjoying the benefits of Remote Management.